Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1 apple, 1 banana, many peanuts

Burnt End KC BBQ Sandwich (courtesy Blue Ribbon BBQ)
Cole Slaw

It has been almost a month since my last post. Much has happened, food-wise and otherwise. Most importantly, my oven broke. I have been without the ability to bake for nearly four weeks. The only other time this has happened was during the ice storm, when I was also reduced to eating what could be boiled, braised or fried on a stove top. It was a good lesson then, and it is a good lesson now (although surely I've learned my lesson and can return to the cultivated art of the gently directed heat).

I've spoken before about how soothing and stabilizing the integrated process of baking bread can be once the rhythm is developed. Every once in a while, one has to step outside that rhythm to appreciate it. Life, since the failure of a single circuit block in my Kenmore range, has swung back and forth like a drunken pendulum. Like a grandfather clock's anchor escapement trying to maintain regularity during an earthquake or an Allied bombing in Dresden. Its inefficient, it barely gets the job done and it wears itself out in the process. Its powerful mojo when you create or break a pattern. But you'll never even notice till you are ripped from that pattern out of the blue. We are as dependent on our patterns as cats, only not quite as clever.

What's a guy to do? Get that part and get back to the method and madness.

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