Sunday, March 7, 2010

In a triumphal return... Sunday

Oatmeal with imported french berry jam

Shredded Steak, seared then covered in jus and finally coated with whipped avocado
Petit Pois
fresh 50/50 whole wheat sour dough

The end of the winter is nigh, though not yet returned. The spring is almost here, but the world is still dead and the trees look useless, like overly complicated, upside down tripods. Everything seems so tentative and on-the-precipice. But when I stop and look at the quality of the light, its really unlike any other time of the year and valuable in its own right. The lack of leaves, either green or golden, desaturates the bright clear sky, which is no longer a constant shade of dirty cotton gray. The leaves that are left blowing around have a much higher degree of contrast because little else is moving in the dead landscape. And nothing on the planet will be so perceptually overwhelming as the first buds of leaves on the trees nor the little shoots that will peak out when the bulbs I hid in the ground begin to push out. in the light spectrum, they may be of meek and neutral tone, but in the seasonal drift from death to life, they display something earth shattering and word-defying! The beginning of the outdoor grilling season!

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