Saturday, May 16, 2009


Roast with Gravy and Rice

Speck with Greens (courtesy Sel De La Terre)
Shrimp with Chorizo on Herbed Farro
Banana bread on a weird creme anglaise

I went to see a film at my favorite theater in Framingham last night, and while the film was what it was, I had more fun with watching the kids in the theater and lobby have fun on a Friday night. It struck me that the same cliques still form and that the same kids do the same things. No matter how many cell phones and internets and video games you through at high school kids, they are still going to talk trash, make out in the middle of public spaces and in general posture themselves as adults while never knowing how adorable and puppy-ish it makes them. You just want to embarrass the crap out of them and give them a big old noogie.

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