Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ramen Noodles with crimini mushrooms

Pizza Pie with bacon, crimini and onion

I don't believe in leprechauns, fairies or any of that nonsense. But there is one little species that I know exists and which one rarely if ever sees and that's the neighborhood cat. You know they are out there because you see the paw prints in the pollen every morning on your windshield. You see the look of terror on the chipmunks' faces when you know they have absolutely no fear of you. You see the security lights around the house trip on most nights for absolutely no reason. You see the catnip and cat mint clumps completely squashed all the time. But no cats in sight. and then one day you're out working in the yard, dragging crap around and sweating like a pig. Something tells you to look over your shoulder. You turn around, and under the brush is a big healthy black cat looking at you. There's a word balloon over his head that says, "yo, human, shut up, you're scaring the chipmunks away, how am I gonna nail lunch?"

And then he's gone, and you finish your job, knowing that when you leave, he'll be back to eat rodents and get stoned in your garden.

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