Sunday, May 17, 2009


Purple Hull Peas
Sourdough bread

Chuck Roast Stew with carrots, potatoes and english peas

When you really want perspective on how lucky you really are, you have to stop and reset your brain, so that you can see what contributed to what and how so. We are trained to become inured to our successes and more sensitive to our failures and misfortunes. Eventually you can only see the problems, never the pleasures. And since most successes are built on the bones of previous failures, one also fails to see ahead into the future when the present miseries are reframed into one of many single difficult steps up what will at the end look like a very gentle easily scaled staircase. And then you will quote the great Lew Welch, "And so it has all come to this..."

But then a year later, you'll realize you weren't quite as far along as you thought. Not like now...

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