Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last of the Chili, chugged out of a bowl with tortilla chips in 30 seconds

Whatever I could scrape together and the last of the sourdough (there was bacon involved)

The grading it was done and delivered and the new day has begun. Unfortunately, that part of my brain which says its ok to sleep past a certain hour won't get the message for days. The shift from a normal daytime job to the freedom of the summer is like a natural form of jetlag. The body has a rhythm of stress and relaxation that can't stop on a dime. This in itself isn't too strange. What is odd is that the reverse isn't true, at least for me. I'm able to shift myself back to morning hours within a day or two. So in a way, this month, I'll be heading west very slowly. And then sometime in the early fall, I'll go east very very quickly. I wish I could somehow cross a dateline in the process.

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