Sunday, May 3, 2009


Tuna sandwich (with tuna juice for Chester) (blech, don't ask why)

Filet Mignon with smoked bacon and with blue cheese butter (Monument Grill)
Snow Peas
Some unidentifiable sort of starchy potato thing under the filet
a spongy object with the coloring of fresh bread
The funniest attempt at wine pairing I think I have ever heard in my life

Well, there you go again. You leave a place thinking your life is going in one direction, and then you get where you are going and LIFE smacks you down and grabs you and shakes you and says, "Not SO!" And all the stretching and squeezing and contorting will not prevent it. You can close your eyes, turn around, bend over and put your head between your knees, but when you throw the dart, it hits the bulls-eye and sinks a full two inches into the cork. Just try to prevent that and you'll end up with a boo-boo for which there is no succor. Just let it all go, my young grasshopper...

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