Saturday, April 25, 2009


French-style Omelet with cheddar and parmesan
fresh sourdough bread

Duck Duck Goose (EVOO in Somerville):
Duck confit, a little smidgeon of foie gras (upstate duck) and goose breast sliced thin
a surprising appetizer of beef tongue on a few pickle slices and a crispy potato croquet
Some beat up looking bread

Sometimes you have to restore your soul. At times like that, I crave a rare flavor. By rare I don't mean in the sense of, you can't find it on store shelves. I mean rare in the sense that you don't have it that frequently. I've said elsewhere that I've thought about why I want certain foods at certain times, truffles for instance, or foie gras. I know that I need the right situation to crave a particular food. Sure, I could prepare foie gras at home, but I find it is best savored at a nice clean restaurant, brought to one on a platter accompanied by either the head of Ronald McDonald or, failing that, the dish being served to a dining companion.

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