Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ham and Cheddar on Sourdough
Split Pea Soup

Several $8 beers
1 large bag of peanuts

A very lean day, in which over the whole week, including the balance of the over-indulgence last weekend, I probably broke even. I was briefly tempted by a ballpark frank, and probably would have enjoyed it along with the beer and the crisp, clear air and the very good game, but I'm glad I didn't go down that path. It wouldn't have matched my expectations from the cheap but huge ballpark dogs from years past, and it would have been a sad letdown from what I could see. I've got to figure a way to schlept in a hibachi and my own fixins. Hey, if you're going to get arrested at Fenway, it should be for eating well and not for doing the quarter mile across perfectly manicured grass while being chased by overweight security guards...

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