Wednesday, April 29, 2009


sourdough bread butt and a little leftover red sauce
whole wheat crackers and cheddar
2 clementines

Country-style ribs (crockpot, then roasted with my BBQ sauce)
Fresh sourdough

Today FINALLY enough time to go get basil for the herb garden and to pick up some new thyme and other herbs that didn't make it through the collapsed garden during the ice storm. I'll be doing several of the usual basil varieties, but also a ton of lemon thyme, which I discovered and come to love last year. I may forego the oregano, since mine is running rampant in a few areas of my yard already. I was hoping the cilantro would come back from seed last year, which ended up EVERYWHERE. But apparently not. And strawberries, elusive strawberries. Maybe I will get some this year. Who am I kidding?

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