Thursday, April 23, 2009


Egg and cheddar sandwich on sourdough

pan fried Chuck steak
wine and cream sauce on a baked potato
at least a half pound of steamed edamame
big chunk of the bread butt of a sourdough

Some days, its all about prep cook. And though its something you love to do, sometimes you are occupied and so you do it robotically, not stopping to taste and smell the way you do when you are giving it your undivided attention. And given full pretenses, we assume that not paying full attention to detail will render the results mediocre or at the least uninspired. But we are pleased to find that the onions are just as sweet yet pungent. The bread dough is just as fresh yet tart and acidic. The egg flips just as perfectly in the skillet as if I had been focusing on it like a laser.

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