Monday, April 27, 2009


Oatmeal with Raspberry Peach Jam
1 clementine

Red Sauce on Linguine
Edamame, steamed in the shell
Sourdough bread

Two days. That's all it takes. Your life completely changes, refocuses, hones in on something unexpected but welcome. Its as if you are looking through a telescope at the moon and you turn it slightly and refocus on Venus. An inch away in respect to you, and millions of miles away in respect to each other. Why two days? Well, one day would be cataclysmic. And I'm not talking about a life change that is brutal. No, I'm talking about a two day life change, in which the possibilities flash before your eyes, albeit in slow motion. You throw up your hands and give up. You let the rudder go. And are surprised when at the end of 48 hours, the pier manifests out of the mist right next to the boat and you disembark to find a hearty breakfast awaiting just ashore.

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